Spooky Happenings

Happy Halloween Weekend! I have been busy working on getting Stranger Than Suicide in print. However, I have taken a moment’s break to provide treats for Halloween. Stranger Than Murder, Kindle Edition is Free. Don’t miss out grab your’s today. ^_^

And as always Happy Reading! 🙂

Giving Back

vintage-back-to-school-poster-1394471782jRoIn honor of Back to School and all those book and supply costs, Stranger Than Murder (eBook edition) will be on sale the week leading into September as well as Stranger Than Suicide being available for pre-order. With all the hard work to be put in, we need time for fun with books too. 🙂

School and Fun Breaks

It’s time for school again and all those text books. In between studying one needs a break, so I’m taking a note and a break myself. I have a few finishing touches for the second edition of the Stranger Series, Stranger than Suicide to get it out there to you. However, I am currently watching Winnie the Pooh with my cat friends as we take a much-needed break. And next, I will be headed to the book store one of my favorite places to visit.

Meanwhile, I heard there was going to be a Cat Video Festival here in Oklahoma City and was quite excited until they moved it due to rain. Then they moved it again due to rain.

After my breaks I will continue my work on the third edition of the Stranger Series, Stranger than Homicide which should be ready for you early next year. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Until next time happy reading. 🙂

Travels and Moving Forward

I’ve been on the road many days finally collecting the rest of my books from Chicago and transporting them to my new home in Oklahoma City. While it was a lot of work, I had tons of fun getting to see friends and family and got tons of inspiration to help push off the third installment of the Stranger Series.

The installment: Stranger Than Murder is currently available on Amazon Kindle as well in paperback through most booksellers. The second installment: Stranger Than Suicide is available through pre-order on Amazon Kindle and is scheduled to be released on September 1st, 2017 with the paperback to follow shortly afterward. I hope to have some more updates on the third installment as I learn more about Chloe and how she overcomes the obstacles she continues to encounter. I am having tons of fun with all the characters and hope you enjoy reading about them.

Until next time, Happy Reading! 🙂


After long hours of working hard, I am excited to announce the Stranger Than Murder sequel, Stranger Than Suicide, is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle.

Stranger Than Suicide Pre-Order

Meanwhile, My fat kitty keeps hiding for nap time, and I am baffled as to how she can find anywhere to hide considering how fat she is. Now that the pre-order is available I can take a nap as well. After nap time I will get to work on the paper book edition.

Votes and Quotes

I have been very busy preparing the sequel to Stranger Than Murder, and I am glad to say there will now be a sneak peak available in the eBook edition, and I very much hope you enjoy it. The full version will be available soon.

Meanwhile, Underground Book Reviews have chosen Stranger Than Murder as one of the four Pitch Perfect Pick nominations for the month of June. I am beyond honored. ^_^

Moving Boxes

Well, I moved, again… I’d like to blame it on my murdering bird neighbors but in reality, I needed to relocate to have more space for books. Wall to wall books is my goal. Every time I move I end up donating books to the library and shed a little tear each time It’s almost like losing a pet but at least someone else can enjoy it. So with donating to lighten the moving load, I feel as though it’s going to take me a while to achieve wall to wall books, but I’m making it a goal and will be checking it off sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, I have been without internet for a few days in transitioning from one place to another so I must give an update now that I again have access. I should be able to add preview chapters of the second book this summer. If you have already purchased the eBook make sure your device and account are set to update to the newest edition. I’ll let everyone know when to look out for the new chapters. Until then Happy Reading 🙂