I <3 Difference

During the I ❤ Radio Awards on Sunday, March 5th, Justin Timberlake won an award for his song Can’t Stop the Feeling. During his acceptance speech, he says the idea behind the song is inclusion and about being together.

“If you are black or you are brown, or you are gay, or you are lesbian, or you are trans — or maybe you’re just a sissy singing boy from Tennessee. Anyone that is treating you unkindly, it is only because they are afraid or they have been taught to be afraid of how important you are because being different means you make the difference. So f— ’em.”

I feel the same way when I write my stories. I want to be inclusive of all different types of walks, and I hope to incorporate ‘difference’ in my characters and the stories they bring to the page. However, I noticed some authors do this, and it seems forced, and I do not want that to happen in my stories. I want them to take shape naturally and flow not to feel like an unnecessary additive. So I am going to continue to write openly and let the characters tell me who they are where some things feel like they belong to that particular character and other things just don’t quite fit.

I hope you will embrace difference with me. Who wants to be the same as everyone else. What’s the point in that? I’d feel kind of worthless if I were like everyone else, then my stories wouldn’t need to be told because everyone else would already know them. I am weird and different and I embrace it.

Here’s to making a difference with our differences!

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