Updates and horror stories…

So I’m hoping to be able to post a preview of Stranger Than Murder’s sequel, Stranger Than Suicide soon working with minimal breaks to make sure that happens.

Meanwhile, the Loud Mouth Bird on my patio had a Big Bully Bird stop by and tell her her house was prime real estate. She snapped at him, and he huffed and flew off. I rolled my eyes and continued type typing away prepping my preview. Before long the Big Bully Bird returned with some thugs for an intimidation factor was my guess, and he told Loud Mouth Bird not only was her house prime real estate but he had promised his chic he would get it for her, at least that what it sounded like he was saying. I’m shaking my head because as soon as Loud Mouth Bird starts snapping at Big Bully Bird, his thugs flew off. Not much backup they were, I was thinking. A few days later there was a rotten smell, and I see Big Bully Bird tossing out baby bird pieces on my porch. He straight murdered the Loud Mouth Bird’s children and was busy remodeling. Not only is he a murdering bastard he has horrible taste in decor. It was really gaudy, strings of hay and twigs all over the place. Loud Mouth Bird may have been annoying, but at least she kept a tidy home and she didn’t go around killing children. A storm just blew through wrecking havoc all over the states, and Big Bully Bird and his wife and kids were huddled in their new home, and somehow one of the babies ended up getting knocked around by the storm and is now lifeless on my porch. Very sad, but maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of saying “what goes around comes around.”

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